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Building Management

     One of our activities is the management of residential buildings. We organize the collection of reserves and all other fees related to the use of residential buildings and take care of the maintenance of common areas.

     Legal guidelines for us in the Inter-contract concluded between the co-owners of residential or commercial buildings and management contract that defines relations between our company and the co-owners in these buildings, and of course the applicable legal provisions.

     Manager and co-owner of the selected representative directly cooperate in solving current liabilities smooth functioning of the residential building and immediately work to maintain the property and invest in it in order to maximize its value.

     Our clients are always personally available to answer your questions and our personal relationship and trust one of the most important foundations of our company.


Real estate tendance

     As managers we met with the situations that we have landlords who only occasionally stay in them and the rest of the year they do not know whom to entrust the care of their property. Accordingly we provide the possibility that the care you entrust us. Depending on the needs and desires we have two basic packages that we offer to our partners, such as:

Taking care of the property:
Regular check
Thoroughly ventilating and dusting
Checking eventual incurred damage and damage removal (failures on various caps installations)
Collection of mail, scanning and sending the owner by e-mail
This package costs 220 kn per month and includes two visits a month

Collecting mail:
Arrival at the property
Collecting mail, scanning and sending e-mail to the owner
This package costs 120 kn per month and includes two visits a month
     To make our services complete we decided to offer a program of cleaning and maintenance of residential and commercial area.
Standard cleaning and maintenance of apartments: 
One-time cleaning 60kn/h
Regular cleaning with a contractual obligation 45kn/h

General cleaning of apartments: 
Apartments up to 55m² 10kn/m²
Apartments from 55m² to 90m² 8kn/m²
Apartments bigger than 90m² 7kn/m²
Cleaning windows 10kn/m²

Cleaning the building after renovation: 
Building up to 400 m² 10kn/m²
Building bigger than 400m² 8kn/m²

Cleaning the stairs: 
Buildings up to four floors (one-time) 150kn
The four floors building and bigger 22kn per aptmnt

One-time cleaning of the garden 25kn/m²

     To determine the cost of regular maintenance of the garden it is necessary to establish the necessary works and the two form a price.

     The prices are informative and the final price is necessary to make an estimate of the facility for cleaning.

     For any queries feel free to contact us.


Gloria d.o.o.

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